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Victoria Beckham And Cruz Get Into The Xmas Spirit

It seems that Victoria Beckham notorious fashion statements are rubbing off on his son Cruz. Even if the fashion and was in his usual high-maintenance clothes, little Cruz stole the show with his zookeeper San Diego, costume complete with pith helmet..
13.11.08 10:09

Aniston Says She And Mayer Adore One Another

Washington, Nov 12 (ANI): Jennifer Anistons on and off relationship with singer John Mayer May have raised many eyebrows, but the actress says that no matter whether or not they are together, the two still adore a l l other.
13.11.08 10:09

Quot Terminator Salvation Quot Video Exposes New Types Of Terminators

Starring Christian Bale as John Connor, the man whose destiny leads him to lead the armed resistance, Salvation is set in post-apocalyptic 2018. Horror Film has found a new featurette of MCG-directed Terminator Salvation . Many never-before-seen movies being cut off from the latest Terminator franchise have been included in video. The story centers on Marcus Wright played by Sam Worthington as this stranger, whose last memory is of being on death row, joins Connor in a journey that leads them to discover the terrible secret behind the possible annihilation of mankind by Skynet and his army of killing cyborgs. Essentially a video interview with the designer Martin Laing production, the featurette has exposed many spoilers about the much-awaited action thriller d from the point where the story takes place in new types of terminators.
13.11.08 10:09

Kate Winslet Thought It Was Faux

In the latest issue of Vanity Fair magazine, Kate Winslet is on a sofa on top of a fur throw, but nothing to wear stockings and heels. It sa very beautiful shot - to find out that the fur has was located on the outside skin of a real animal. PETA has contacted Kate field after the issue came out, and Winslet REP informed that Kate does not wear real fur, and that was guaranteed to shoot the picture that the fur was fake.But it was t!.
13.11.08 10:09

Rahm Rahmbo Emanuel And Robert Downey Jr

He turned down a place at the Hotel The Joffrey Ballet to study contemporary dance instead. American policy have just really sexy? C is something Rahm Emanuel Barack Obama Chief of Staff, and there is no doubt that something about Robert Downey Jr both sides have an interest in the arts. Then he studied for a master degree in Speech of information and communication.. Robert Downey Jr is a successful actor, and once long ago, Rahm Emanuel studied ballet.
13.11.08 10:09

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